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Sales Letter: The Witch House, Salem MA

Posted in Salem MA, The Witch House, Salem on June 28, 2020 by tommcge

Dear Salem Residents:

“If you ever feel overwhelmed with the worries, struggles and anxieties of today’s way of life, simply refer back to the olden times of Salem. You’ll most likely change your tune really quickly”–from the Salem Ghosts website

The Witch House, the home of Salem’s judge Jonathan Corwin is the oldest building still standing with a direct connection to said witch hysteria. Corwin and his wife moved into the house at 3101/2 Essex Street in 1675. Little were they aware of the storm that was about to befall the Salem community.

Jonathan Corwin would be remembered as the chief magistrate who would sentence and imprison countless innocents. In 1692, during the famed Salem witch hysteria, people were persecuted for not conforming to the Puritans way of life. The Witch House reminds us today of a time in our history where intolerance and persecution ruled. (The poppet which led to Bridget Bishop arrest is on display at The Witch House.)

The tales behind the fiction are stranger than we know

Discover the truth behind the stories when you visit us at The Witch House. So, when you are in the vicinity stop by and call at the Jonathan Corwin house. He wants to show you just how life was like in 1692. He would like you understand how and why the witch hysteria happened.

If The Witch House could only talk. What would it say? How would it describe what happened to this community in 1692? Come to Salem and stop by for a tour of the only structure with a direct linkage to the hysteria.

–Only for a short time we will waive the entrance fee to this historic house. From July 13–October 20 admittance will be free to residents of the Salem community.