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Ghosts&Gravestones (Savannah)

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Dear Paranormal Enthusiast

Did Andrew Low arrive to usher his cherished wife to the other side? What is the confirmed truth behind the death of Jim Williams.  Spooky cemetery, hotels, restaurants, etc

Give audience to the stories that are only whispered about!

Savannah, GA has been pronounced th most haunted city in North America while its past continues to wander its squares. Be witness to the tale of Savannah’s most romantic couple; Sarah and Andrew Low. It has been whispered the spirit of Andrew returned to usher his treasured Sarah to the next world. This event has also been corroborated be the chief butler at the time who gave testimony to Low spirit.

This is just one narrative of the macabre you will hear when on board The Trolley of the Doomed. The others embody but are not limited too: pirate, who voyaged (and sometime lived) within Savannah’s region.The secret passageways below the city and what were they for?  Visit the Johnny Mercer house at the focal point of the best selling novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.”

Savannah: American most haunted city!

On February 12, 1733 James Oglethorpe established “the colony of Georgia in America.” He and 19 companions developed fifteen miles of land along the Yamacraw River (now the Savannah River). Be told their story in their words by our hosts at Savannah’s #1 ghost tour. Our fright-seeing excursion will see you through the foggy and sullen side of this historic city. Tales of Bonaventure, Colonial Park and Laurel Grove Cemetery as well other ghostly establishments shall cause your hair stand to on end!

So a very warm welcome from Ghosts and Gravestones, your guide to the mysterious and the macabre.

Your eery hosts at–

Ghosts&Gravestones (Savannah)

The Pirate House Restaurant, Savannah

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Discover the history and lore of The Pirate House, Savannah GA

Dear visitors to Savannah

When you journey to the most tormented city in North America you must have no choice but to stop by The Pirate House Restaurant  (20 East Broad Street, Savannah GA). Here you will hear whispers, tales of ghostly sea robbers who cruised these seaports during the 17th&18th century. Eavesdrop on stories of how men were commandeered into the service of pirates. See for yourself the underground tunnel where these gentlemen are lead after a night of drinking!

Dine with ghosts of the past

When you dine at Savannah’s The Pirate House the feast is flavored with more than its history. The terror and torture these pirates unleashed are not romantic heroism.

But First…

In 1733 James Oglethorpe arrived from England and disembarked at what developed into the city of Savannah. Transformed to a restaurant in 1754 it has beheld many swashbucklers. Captain Kidd, Sam Belllamy, etc. have sauntered this eatery’s floors. There is even a report Robert Louis Stevenson penned a segment of his novel, “Treasure Island” within these walls. Has the ghost of Captain Flint stretched his legs in the restaurant. (But, since Captain Flint is a fictional character the whispers are highly unlikely.)

Savannah (GA) the oldest colony with its dark secrets!

The city of Savannah, GA is rich in history and ghostly happenings abound. We, at the Pirate House Restaurant are waiting to tell you some factual tales of times past. So, enlist us for your travels to the world of 18th century Savannah and the realm of the notorious pirates. Present the attached coupon, honored for a year from the stamped date next time you’re in our great city of Savannah. See you soon!

Warm regards,

The Management Team at

The Pirate House Restaurant