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New England Pirate Museum

Posted in New England Museums, Pirates of the 17th&18th century, Salem MA on July 6, 2020 by tommcge

Welcome to the Gold Coast

Take the 30 minute tour into the history of New England pirates

At the New England Pirate Museum learn about the men (and woman) who spent their time on the New England coast during the 17th and 18 century. Men like Blackbeard, Bellamy, Kidd, etc. roamed the region as the community of Salem (MA) were engulfed in their famed hysteria.

Sea bandits were sighted throughout the New England coast starting in the 1540s until the 1720. Stephen O’Neill, Professor of piracy at Suffolk University asserts 20% of the pirates “at the turn of the 18th century were from New England.

As they hanged in Salem, Pirates roamed the New England coast

Captain Kidd is rumored to have assailed many harborage within the provinces of Connecticut to Main. Blackbeard’s treasure is implied to have been hidden away at various parishes throughout New England. Pirate, Sam Bellamy constructed a huge fortification on the Machias River. (Did the fearfulness  of these swashbucklers lead in part to the witchcraft hysteria?)

New England Pirates: separate fact from fiction

At the New England Pirate Museum  (274 Derby Street, Salem MA) separate the fictional, romanic pirate from the terrorizing, cutthroat, bloodthirsty sea robbers. Board a replica pirate ship, stroll a colonial seaport as you make your way through an 80ft cave where you might discover some buried treasure. (And we do not forget the ladies. Yes, there were woman pirates too! You will discover some hair raising truths about these sweethearts of the sea.)

So, we at this unique and most fascinating museum invites you to come aboard. Witness those men and woman who terrorized the New England coast while witches hanged.

Now through October 31, 2020  Salem residents can enjoy this famed museum for free. Just present the stub below at the box office and welcome!