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The Jennie Wade House, Gettysburg PA

Posted in Civil War, Gettysburg, PA, Jennie Wade on July 13, 2020 by tommcge

“If there is anyone in this house that is to be killed today, I hope it is me, as Georgia has a little baby.” –Jennie Wade

Dear Civil War enthusiast:

You have memorized the narrative of Jennie Wade but have you been to the place in which she died. The Gettysburg Foundation and the Gettysburg National Cemetery summon you to give witness as you take an excursion on the grounds where Ms Wade’s life had been stolen.

Eavesdrop on those words, in their context by our heroine seconds before the projectile slug penetrated the house. Harken to how Ms Wade provides aid and comfort to the battle tired soldier. Behold the letter never delivered?

Is Jennie Wade still strolling the halls of 548 Baltimore Street?

Ms Wade, shot on July 3, 1863 at around 8am while “kneading dough for bread.” Fatally injured when the bullet impacted her left shoulder and traveled to her heart. Temporarily entombed in a coffin intended for Confederate General William Barksdale, Ms Wade is laid to rest in the home’s backyard. In November 1855, Wade is reburied at Evergreen Cemetery with a perpetual flag flying around the clock. (Betsy Ross being the only other female to be accorded such honor.)

Jack Skelly, recorded as a friend of Ms Wade and likely her fiancee had been killed July 12, 1862. Mortally wounded himself during the Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia he never became conscious of his friends passing. Are the spirits of Ms Wade and Mrs. Skellt trying to rediscover theer lost companionship? (Read the lone letter discovered between the two at Jennie Wade House.)

Gettysburg is rich in History…

Next time you are in the region, why not take a pause in Gettysburg. The town is filled with historical context that we must not forget. But in the meantime, The Jennie Wade House calls to mind the effect of war on the average citizens. So, please weigh a donation of $25  $50  $100 _Other to this historical and important house. And, please accept our surprise special gift for your generosity!

Yours Truly

The staff of The Jennie Wade House