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Boston’s Saturday Club tour

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Dear Literary Reader;:

Boston’s Saturday Club: a history

The Saturday Club had welcomed the association of literary gentlemen who gathered at the Omni Parker House throughout the 19th century. Creative writers such as Nathaniel Hawthorn,  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes alongside  many others confronted the preeminent stories of the day.

Attend this one time only tour offered by Boston by Foot. Harken back as these men, in their own words tell of the encounters with their literary career and the worries of the period. Ascertain the history of the Omni Parker House. Discern if the spirits of these high-minded writers continue sauntering the corridors of this now treasured hostel.

We at Boston by Foot welcomes you to our newest lecture. Boston, MA is filled with history and the ghosts of an archaic past. It is where the American Revolution dawned.

Boston by Foot is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization specializing in lore of the past. Coming into existence in 1976 to “promote public awareness and appreciation for Boston’s rich history…” This Boston institution affords walking tours (its hallmark signature) and architecture cruises.

The Omni Parker House: a historic treasure

Participate with us on this tour of the historic Omni Parker House. The now preeminent hotel has given witness to numerous  affairs. From the referred literary geniuses to the political atmosphere in Boston, The Omni Parker has continued to be a staple in the region. (Note: the hotel is where Senator John F. Kennedy proposed to his future wife and held his bachelor party.)  Encounter the ghosts that silently roam the corridors at 60 School St. Some even report the spirit of Charles Dickens having been seen here. Dickens, of course presented the first North American reading of ‘A Christmas Carol here.’

This Saturday Club excursion will take place on July 13, 2021. Book before January 1, 2020 and receive a free copy of “The Omni Parker House: a brief history of American’s longest continuously operating hotel.”  Our staff of passionate volunteers looks forward to telling the story of those literary authors who came together at the Omni Parker House throughout the 19th century!

The management team at

Boston by Foot