Old Jailhouse Tavern, Orleans

The Old Jailhouse Tavern, now a fine dining restaurant

Dear Patron:

As you are aware The Old Jailhouse Tavern has been on lockdown due to the coronavirus. We, the management team are delighted to let you know of our reopening this July.

As we have learned…

Throughout the time of Prohibition, Cape Cod had been a principal  smuggling commune

Cape Cod and their sister islands became affectionately hailed as rum-row. From Provincetown through the Lower Cape to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket smugglers employed trucks, planes, ships (including a submarine) to transport illegal liquor during Prohibition.

Many on the Cape were drawn into this business enterprise. When seized these men would exhaust the night at Henry Perry’s front bedroom. Remodeled into a lock-up and “outfitted with bars and padlocks” this house is now a fine dinning restaurant. An Orleans landmark it opened in 1984.

Take time to listen to narratives of how the Coast Guard would intercept and confiscate forbidden liquor and the smugglers who tested their patience. Liquor usually arrived in North America by way of the French colony of St. Peirre et Maquelon, Newfoundland. From there, it shipped by the channels mentioned above as the Cape became a major port-of-call.

Dine where prisoners were once held

At 28 West Roads in Orleans, Cape Cod you can have classic New England fare with an “unexpected twist.” Specialities like White Truffle Lobster Mac and Cheese, Classic Fish and Chips, and a mix of seafood traditions. Use the attached coupon for your 20% discount on dinners over $150. We thank you in advance for you coming and supporting our re-opening.

The management team at The Old Jailhouse Tavern!


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