Remember the Ladies…

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“In the new code of Laws which I suppose will be necessary for you to make, I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them then your ancestors. Do. not put such unlimited powers into the hands of the husbands. Remember,  all men would be tyrants if they could.”Abigail Adams; March 16, 1776


April 9, 1865

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“The war is over–the rebels our are countrymen again.”–Ulysses S Grant preventing his men from cheering after Robert E. Lee surrender at Appomattox.

President John F. Kennedy

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” Let us not ask what our country can do for you but what you can do for our country”–January 20, 1961

Petition to have Dorothy Good’s…

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Picture having you’re four year old impeached for sin of black magic. You offspring is housed in a a defiled fecal infested cloister where the youngster is also restricted by shackles. Is this the embarkation of a horror film? It could be… but it’s not.

Dorothy Good, the daughter of Sarah and William Good of Salem Village had been taken in custody when she told of a garden serpent her mother present to her. On March 26, 1692 Dorothy gave the information before John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin. Dorothy, when questioned whether the “Black Man gave her the snake” retorted “Oh no, my mother did.” With this the civil authorities mandated Sarah and Dorothy jailed. While in the Salem Gaol their physical bodies were also placed in restraints so not to let their spirit escape.

How did Dorothy Good”s name become Docus? The fundamental explanation is the magistrates misspelled it? It is this author’s mission to have this child be given her real name back. Through out our historical past there has always been some degree of miscarriages. The municipality of Salem and its surrounding region commemorates the injustices done to a number of their inhabitants.  The state of Massachusetts, only in 1952 offered a full clemency to some. On May 1, 1992 the Salem Village Witchcraft Victims memorial is enshrined. Isn’t it time we give a little girl her name back?

Outstripped of her “wits” after her release from incarceration, Dorothy’s relations is awarded thirty pounds as remunerations. In addition, Dorothy demanded round the clock care the rest of her life.

Petition to restore a little girls birth name

The Pirate House, Savannah GA

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–“Murder, fights, brawls–you name it and [it probably] has happened in this building.”

The Pirate House, now the illustrious eating house is the oldest building in Savannah GA. Dating to 1754 the edifice has its share of ghostly spirits. Located at 20 East Broad Street, it has been whispered in the darkness of night… footsteps, shadowy figures gazing into the traveler’s eyes, and unexplained noises.

It is speculated Robert Louis Stevenson authored a fragment of his novel, Treasure Island here. Reports also have the fictional character, Captain Flint meeting his death at the Pirate House; one problem–Flint is not a real person!

Welcome to the the Pirate House tunnels where you give witness to those gentlemen shanghaied into the employment of piracy. Men would arrive at the tavern to drink then, while intoxicated be taken aboard ship to be enlisted as sea dogs.

Salem Witch Hysteria (1692)

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“We must not believe all that these distracted children say.”–Martha Corey

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World Series Champions (2018)

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–“It may not be the field of dreams, but to [Bostonians] it might as well be.”

Boston’s famed baseball coliseum is the oldest in the nation; opening its entrance on April 20, 1912. That evening is memorialize as the night the Titanic sunk. Could this be the source of why the Red Sox did not win a world series in over 100 years? This might be the reason rather the curse of the Bambino. This imprecation, as all baseball aficionados are aware of  centers around the trading of pitcher/outfielder Babe Ruth to the competitor New Your Yankees. It is asserted Harry Frazee, then owner of said Red Sox needed to raise funds for the stage musical No No Nanette; bringing upon the curse. The tale though is a little less dramatic. The reality it turns out was Ruth could not hit in the ballpark add to this–his antics off the field.

The Sox, established in 1901 proceeded through numerous nicknames before settling on their honored moniker they are known as today; the pilgrims, the puritans and the Plymouth rocks  John I. Taylor (1875-1938), a partner with the Fenway Reality Company arranged to build a ballpark for the team he owned. The new athletic field was to be constructed on terrain known as The Fenway. Though out this timeframe the Sox would go on to win the World Series in 1912, 1915, 1916 and 1918. After which the franchise did not succeed in winning another until 2008.

The Red Sox’s misfortune equaled that of only that of the Chicago Cubs, who’s team’s franchise torment also terminated in the early 21 century. Fenway at this time is the smallest stadium in baseball with its iconic left field wall–known simple as the Green Monster, that send quivers into the opposing adversaries (even though, from home plate to the left field wall in 350 feet; the shortest distance in baseball). The Boston Red Sox themselves have ascertained the navigation of the territory. Whether the ball is slammed off the wall or into the corner the Red Sox know how to field it while other teams are left to a flurry of worry. The field of Boston dreams is a convergence between the old fashion style wooden structure of yesteryear and the modern edifice of today. The asymmetrical interior of the ballpark also have led to Boston’s advantage.

Player like Carton Fisk, Ted Williams, etc. have enthralled New Englanders for generations, They revere the Sox like a religion and as such the fans has judged as their antagonist, the New York Yankees. As referred before, New York–Boston rivalry steps back to the time of Babe Ruth. Whether or not the scourge of the Bambino is valid, the above two team once abhorred each other. At the present time, the two franchise have a friendly bantering whenever they meet. (Note; it is this author opinion, the contests between the two were more interesting and fun years ago when the Yankees and Red Sox had a genuine hostility towards each other.)

– On the day, when Fenway Park opened and the front–page news had as its lead story–the sinking of the Titanic the major talk in Boston is that the Red Sox beat the New York Highlanders (Yankees) 7–6 in 11 innings.